A Working Cattle Ranch:

A very rich cattle history accompanies Fish & Cross Ranch, formerly Lazy EH Ranch. From the mid-1900s, ranchers used the land for running cattle and say its peak was in the 1980s when the managers were running 2,500 yearling steers. Under Lazy EH management, the 500-600 pound steers and feeder heifers did well on the ranch's lush green grass and through Arizona partnerships were able to grow into feeder-weight cattle. Fish & Cross Ranch wants to preserve the "cowboy way" and to allow the rich agriculture heritage to remain a part of the current program.

Currently, we are looking for innovative ways to buy, grow and market cattle for beef production. In our first year of production we opted for a grass-lease program. Our world-class grass with water running at 89 cubic feet ber second and irrigated meadows lend to great success. Please call regarding grass leasing opportunities.

Our Horses

We have a large herd of approximately forty head from gentle trail riding horses to experienced Rocky Mountain ranch raised geldings. Our diverse set of horses allows us to pair riders and perspective buyers of all levels with the right horse for them. Nearly all our horses are cow savvy and have roped, packed, cut, sorted; all of our horses have traversed many miles on various trails. We sell Harlan Line Rocky Mountain ranch raised quarter horses featuring Colonel Freckles and Rhone Traci; these horses are not only beauties, but they are experienced with work in pasture, arena, roping, cattle and sorting -- they are excellent all around prospects.


The National Versatility Ranch Horse Association strives to showcase the ranch horse and rider via programs and events. The NVRHA maintains a fun and educational environment while assisting riders and horses as they develop skills in cutting, roping, trail, pleasure and cow work while also emphasizing conformation. NVRHA and Fish & Cross Ranch have partnered for three years to preserve the west's unique ranching heritage. Through a weeklong exclusive event, we create a venue in a true ranch environment where riders and their horses can test the skills they have practiced in NVRHA in clinics and competitions.

Cattle Drives

Undergo the life of a real ranch hand! Assist our Cow Boss and Top Hand as they find, doctor, sort and/or move cattle! Become a part of life on a working ranch as you assist in the day's activities. Not only will you see some gorgeous country, you will participate in fulfilling ranch work. If you are lucky, you might even witness a "real deal" cowboy's roping skills and hear some impressive stories! Choose a four hour morning to noon ride or an all day ride with a lunch break. We also offer overnight packages with multiple days of trail riding and cattle work.

Horseback Riding

Our location just below the littel Flattops with access to the expansive Routt National Forest provides for the perfect horseback outing. We'll pair you with a horse that matches your personality and riding ability. We offer more than just a nose-to-tail ride with trotting and loping opportunities for those who are comfortable. Our two hour ride takes you through gorgeous aspen meadows and along a scenic ridge with a rest-stop and photo op at a historic homestead. Our half-day ride journeys through thick aspens, open wildflower-fields, and valley-view overlooks and includes a delicious lunch. Our full day ride begins with a light breakfast and allows you to more fully explore the vast terrain, varied scenery and unequaled beauty of the ranch and the surrounding forest. We will break in the middle of the day for a reenergizing lunch. We also offer overnight accommodations for those who want to warm up with a shorter ride and then explore more the next day. Stay in one of our comfortable backcountry huts or in our full-facility cabin. Guided fishing trips via horseback to the little flattops' high-mountain lakes also available (please visit Hunting & Fishing for more information).


  • Horseback Riding:
  • Two Hours: $55 per person
  • Half Day: $110 per person
  • Full Day: $160 per person

  • Cattle Drives:
  • Full Day: $200 per person
  • Overnight: $250 per person

  • Wildnerness Hikes and Photo Tours:
  • Two Hours: $40
  • Five Hours including lunch: $100