Ministry Partnerships


We welcome existing ministries that need a revitalizing environment and a place to conduct seminars, retreats, and other events. Existing ministers and ministries can utilize our unique activities and facilitators to help them accomplish their specific goals.  We will partner with individuals, families, and groups called to serve by bringing Christ from mere principles to daily living.  All services are offered through Pack Country Outfitters, LLC.   Contact Jenny Snyder at 719-393-5027 for more information. 


Meet our Current Ministry Partners:  

Outfitters for Christ: "OFC" is a full service retreat ministry, in partnership with the Fish and Cross Ranch, offering concentrated programs for families, youths, father/sons, and a mentorship program where seniors can become involved in hands-on activities and coaching.  OFC specializes on low volume, high touch retreats and services that create a meaningful and lasting experience.  Please visit their website at 

En Gedi Retreat: “En Gedi Retreat provides a free retreat and vacation home for pastors and missionaries around the world.  En Gedi Retreat is located at Fish and Cross Ranch in the heart of the Yampa Valley.  Please take a look at our website and get your pastor or missionary here for wonderful time so they can be rested, refreshed and renewed.


Distinctive Features of Fish and Cross Ranch


- Intimate setting and small group size, enables more targeted interactions and activities and allows for closer relationships and greater growth

- Making abstract ideas tangible and real with experiential education

- The commitment and capacity for ongoing follow up with families

- Pristine, and remote, mountain setting that removes guests from many of the distractions of everyday life

- The ability to utilize the ranch’s western heritage, exposing students to a truly unique experience


Contact Information - Outfitters for Christ (501c-3)

Outfitters for Christ Ministry: Contact: Greg Meyer 719-439-9254 - President, for information, sessions, rates and donations.